Correction of Age-Related Changes

«Correction of Age-Related Changes» Program / Package

With the course of time, many of us want to not only look good but also to feel good. Nobody wants to get old. The advanced part of the population visits health clubs and gyms, tends to consume mainly healthy and unprocessed food. For a more successful resistance to the coming of old age, specialists in anti-ageing medicine recommend an integrative approach.

Recommended in case of:

  • Blemishes and irregular complexioni
  • Atonic skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin in need of toning

The program includes:

* Consultation and recommendations
* Drafting of the individual program
* At home treatment recommendations
** Light therapy
** Face massage
** Peeling with ANA acids
*** Stimulation of the facial muscles
*** Injection correction
*** Mesotherapy

A personal plan of procedures will be tailored to their individual needs and wishes of the clients participating in the program.

Price (Includes 3 *** per day)

3 days – 210 €
5 days – 300 €
7 days – 400 €

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