Concert Hall

For planning huge events we offer at your service a theatre-style concert hall with a capacity of 220 seats and area 235 m2. This hall will fit excellently for hosting different conferences, presentations, theatrical performances, music festivals and contests.


Area: 235 m2
Theatre: 220 pers.

Day: 800 €
1 hr: 160 €

The hall is excellently equipped for hosting massive events. There is a professional projector, lighting and audio equipment, also in the hall there is a large projection screen of 5m x 3m size. An up-to-date audio system will ensure an excellent sound necessary for hosting various concerts, film viewing and conferences for a large number of people. Up-to-date, functional equipment, uniqueness of the hall, a large area, and these are not the only advantages of this hall.

Next to the stage there are two dressing rooms, where the entertainers and participants can apply make-up, change clothes or prepare for the performance. Also in front of the concert hall there is mirror hall with the area of 125 meters. It is well suited for meeting guests of the event, for check-in, for standing buffets or coffee breaks afforded by our restaurant Twins. All wishes will be considered on an individual basis.

On advanced booking the restaurant will organize different business – lunches, dinners and suppers, all dishes of our restaurant are wholesome and delicious, they are cooked by a top-class chief cook. The choice of meals is possible from a standard menu or from a menu specifically composed at the wish of guests.

We will consider every wish of a guest on an individual basis, with due regard to the specifics of the company and of the staff members. We will find the optimal solution for the successful running of Your event. In case of many day-long events we offer a wide variety of service packages for comfortable accommodation in our hotel.

To book this concert hall for Your event or for enquiries call the phone number (+371) 20 104 104(+371) 67 767 056 or send request to e-mail

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